Washington D.C. and the SmartBeetle in front of the White House

The Endgame

(what was accomplished, what was learned and where things stand)

So what did giving up 'society' for lent, driving 11000+ miles, flying a couple 3000 more, spending over $20,000, being morally forced to lose my share of a dream company in the span of 46 days (origiNally planned for 40) get me?

One word answer: Everything.
An awesome adventure, a great travel log, thousands of burned in memories (and pictures to prove it), a new home, meeting my partner for life, starting a new company with exciting problems to solve and most importantly, a new smile.


On Lent & Catholicism

While I actually started this trip as a cleansing and happened to think of it when imagining what to go without for lent, the process actually stirred some deeper scientific thought. And so, on major result was that I gave up Catholicism (all organized religion actually). I found my inner peace on the open road, on the open highway fluke 70F day in Ohio, in the comraderie experienced in Northern Michigan, waking from a nap in the Badlands, in Seattle, swimming in the pacific off hanalei, seeing magical spaceship lights in new Mexico, drivng through a mini tornado or massive dust devil in Texas, tossing beads around the streets if new Orleans and mustering the courage to let it all hang out in atlanta (twice). I found god spelled with a small 'g' and nothing more. I found myself and have man's worst inclinations to thank for it. Amen.


On Travelling and the Road Trip

As for travelling the open road, I learned more about Jesus, Buddha, Michael Stipe, Hemingway & Kerouac, Steinbeck & Che', and even Tom Robbins than any professor could teach on their best day. Forget the food, the drink, the sunrises and sunsets. Forget the child-of-alcoholic supposed need to please others. For 49 days I forgot the rules, travelled the road and took care of me.


On Living & Breathing

I realized quite early on that my parents set me on course to excel in the actual living - and this trip was living at it's most outrageous.
Coming up on the 10 year anniversary (whatever it means to be 10 trips around the sun past something), I have to say, if I had a VW van or small motorhome, my wife would have me, and my partner would agree - you had better believe I would do it again. In a heartbeat.

Everyone I interacted with on this trip is special - not just to me, but in their own right.

I hope they all have their own SmartBeetle trip someday...