smartbeetle travels from Vermont in 2000

Who, what, where, & when of a socio-technical y2k research project

It's a long, drawn out story, but an IT consulting partnership started getting fuzzy just before Y2K - September of 1999. Moral, Ethical and Legal issues boiled to a head and in November of 1999, while at the bottom of the World Trade Center visit by the SmartBeetleGrand Canyon, I made the decision to leave everything behind and basically give up society as he knew it for Lent, millennium-style.

The idea was simple: start a new company,, in style! Use HTML/Web technology, the best video, audio & cell hardware I could afford and create a travelling weblog (one of the first 'blogs'?). Map my travels. Track GPS altitude, temperature, speed and location data. Simply put: travel the border of the United States in search of the new life and let others follow the journey.

This site logs the journey of the one-of-a-kind SmartBeetle and my seat in it.

I hope you enjoy (or enjoyed it).