Kauai & Hanalei

Day 17: Wednesday in Hawai'i (day 3 on the island)

March 22, 2000

8:00A  - Up early to send an eMail and attachment to Lori.Spent 45 minutes dumping web corrections from thepast week and correcting some apparent cardinals in kauaidyslexia. another hour and a half on the phone working on some Harpoon database updates and imports.Lay around the condo talking about getting motivated for the beach. Kept company on the porch by a snappy looking Hawai'in variation of the Cardinal.

jeep wrangler instructions by Dave & LanceOnce we packed snorkels and fins and gloves and beach bamboo mats, Dave & Lance scanned the owner's manual to find instructions on removing the Jeep doors for better driving. No dice. Although we did learn how to dump the windshield forward and fill the washer fluid reservoir.

11:00A - Finally got in the Jeep (HIISB) and headed East to Lance's "house" - a green VW vanogan down by the river (ocean actually!). lance's vanoganSnapped a timed picture from the Van/home and the dang thing has a case of the Houles again...i thought the update would fix this problem - time to eMail Toshiba and complain about performance.

Almost stopped off for some roadside refreshments, but ended up at Subway (yuck!)

kauai beach

fish tacos subway in kauai

Surf SHop in Hanaleithe last stop was the Surf shop to get me some non-cotton shorts that wouldn't get heavy. talked to the two people working about the SmartBeetle and delivered some postcards. Another "Houle" on the camera!


free range hawaii chickens12:30P - headed west through Hanalei to Tunnels beach. almost as far west as you can go before the road just ends and wilderness begins. On the way are more and more Free Range Chickens - in many colors and sizes.

Swear i saw a simple man walking on water

simple man walking on water

Once at the beach, we swam and snorkeled, played football and slept in the wind and sun...

dave veitengruber and topless lady

football on the beach

alison in the water

nude beach kauai

lucy the rhodesian ridgebackMet another dog named Lucy - a rhodesian ridgeback. She was definitely the king of her domain. no dog came near her perch near our Subway bag.


4:00P - back from the beach in time for my "roommates" to shower for work. i was off to Shaka Shears and Judy the owner for a needed haircut. One hour later and the BBH was looking cleancut and bigger than ever. Bring on the babies with their stares and laughter!

crappy haircut in kauai

 kinda reminded me of Vermont and the beach near my house in Warren.

naked at the beach dave and nudey

note-to-self: get underwater waterproof mechanism for Camera - the fish were brilliant and tame once you swam down to their level.

6:15P - back to the condo to pick up Jo and race for the "end of the road" west 15 miles for apparent wonder and awe sunsets. Mount Makana looked beautiful, the water was crashing and i missed any shimmering salmon orange glow. maybe I will spend tomorrow night out here with the hippies.

sunset in kauai

blue sushi9:00P - Drive alone to Gourmet for a drink and some Tic Tac's. Then back to Sushi for softshell crab handroll with Jeff and Masa. And a night out on the town - including a midnight ride to TradeWinds just in time to be labeled "howlies"

sushi in kauai

What has two thumbs and loves sushi?

two thumbs and loves sushi

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An Island sidebar

Why the heck have i not come to this beautiful island paradise? Dave Matthews Band is rumored to have written the album, Crash, while in Hanalei Bay falling in love with his future wife...i can see it, even if it isnt true.

"I can't believe we would lie in our graves | Wondering if we had spent our living days well"

Damn straight!