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Day 35: Atlanta II - day 2

April 9, 2000

carrie eubanks at the Vortex in AtlantaAwake at 11AM, out of bed by 2PM (this is living!). Then lunch at The Vortex in Little Five Points. Bought a sticker for the SmartBeetle (says "I got sucked into the VORTEX). I quote SpeedBump here "Nice!"


Lost my Skecher leather boots somewhere between here and North Carolina and back again - A little shopping and I picked up some replacement boots by NOAT. These are seriously kicking skips. Comfortable as slippers. i know Bensky could use a pair.

steves Naots

steve butcher and carrie eubanks5:30P – Thanks to Zach Stein for giving me the lowdown on each Harpoon Beer carrying Establishment in Atlanta. We started off at the 3 Dollar Saloon in Buckhead, but service was not happening, so we drove down Peachtree to Locos Deli & Pub. The bartender had just run the keg of IPA dry, but had plenty of bottles chilled. My first taste reminded me of home, the past eleven years and strolling around Boston. The weather even matched a brisk spring day back ‘home’.

Sara, Johnny & Daniel showed up for some appetizers and a few. We wandered home just after 9 o’clock. Then another movie – Days of Thunder (I am really getting my fix as far as movies go)!

11:00P – early to bed hopefully and hopefully late to rise. Atlanta has thoroughly skavoovay’d my schedule. Need to get the Toshiba digital camera to the only service center on the east coast tomorrow (another supposed reason for my return to Atlanta) Tuesday I will be back on track.

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