Guiding the SmartBeetle through Mississippi

Day 4: Traverse City, MI Cherry Capital of the US

March 9, 2000

10:00a: On dry land and no traveling until Sunday. Woke up at 10AM (yes!) and watched the end of Dr.Doolittle....hearing a dog speak "My name is Keiser Sosa" is hilarious.

Out to North Peak Brewing for Walleye and Chips lunch. Gorgonzola melted with Pecans and Cherries with Lawash for appetizer. They put cherries in Everything! Dessert: Jenkinson paid.

The temperature went from 79F yesterday to 25F today - drove out to the bay and froze while taking pictures.

Then low and behold, it turns out Dumon has a night job at the Amoco across the street - go figure.
Matt Dumon at Amoco Traverse City

Wassa, Dumon, Jenkinson and I rendezvoused at the Hofbrau in Interlochen. Ron Getz and John Ivan Greilick played an acoustic set including an excellent "walkin' in memphis" cover.

hofbrau band

Tomorrow i try and hit the newspapers or radio stations?

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