Guiding the SmartBeetle through Mississippi

Day 6: Traverse City, MI again

March 11, 2000

Dumon and Wassa stayed the night in TC - they to their various Saturday chores
Dumon morning after

Breakfast at noon again.  Round's down off Garfield St. One egg over-easy, toast, 2 strips of bacon, two biscuits and suasage gravy....large chocolate milk.

Drove to Wassa's place in Beulah...lay around talking about life and loves.
Wassas Beulah House

Scenic drive north to our Traverse City Hotel past Long Lake just in time for a gorgeous Traverse sunset off the balcony!
Traverse City Sunset 2000

For dinner, we cruised over to the 100+ year old saloon - Sleders. Moose all over the walls!
Jenkinson wouldn't let me double-dip the zucchini sticks in the Ranch dressing, but the perch and smelt were excellent.
Sleders MI moose

Finished dinner and headed to GT Billiards for some pool. The place was dull and we took off for some music and talk of the Summer of 1993 at Union Street.

Back to Hotel at 6p and the sweet sweet sound of 4800 baud wireless Internet - YES!

I can now drive to Seattle without worries tomorrow!
Taco Bell and 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan proved enough for bedtime and deep sleep.

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Music of the day

  • Beatles: Abbey Road
  • Tom Petty: She's the One
  • Bare Naked Ladies: Stunt
  • Replacements: Don't Tell a Soul
  • The Wedding Singer Soundtrack
  • Sister Hazel

Ballast Update

  • 4 more quarts of Aquafina & a lotta Tic Tac's
  • 4 vests lighter (Dumon, Wassa, Greg & Meghan)